About Us

Pam spent 30 years in the mortgage lending industry and Jerry spent the same amount of time in the automotive and insurance industry.  Leaving the corporate world in 2004 we moved to the mountains of North Georgia, purchased a home with 7 acres and before there was even a barn purchased our first 4 llamas.  These pampered pets lived in the basement for 3 months until the barn was done.  Now we have 3 barns and about 20 llamas, more or less!

Pam is Past President of the American Miniature Llama Association as well as being a member of both ILR and ALSA.

Showing, training to pack as well as just spending time with the llamas out in the pasture is where Pam spends much of her time


Panorama of the pastures


Barns 1 and 2

Barn 3